Monday, August 25, 2014

Road Trip to Austin & Yoakum

At the end of July, Barry went on a trip to Argentina with his dad for 5 days so the kids and I went on our own little road trip.  First stop was Austin.  My friend Emily and her family recently moved there so we went to go visit them.  Last summer we went to Galveston with the Tumis clan - I was about 6 weeks pregnant with Ty then and now a year later we have a 4 month old baby and Emily is pregnant with her #2!

I am liking our little summer get together tradition!  It was so great to catch up with Emily in person and the girls played so well together.  They picked up right where they left off last year.

Sawyer had a hard time remembering Charlotte's name so she just kept calling her "my friend."  On Friday, we took the girls to a splash pad and then they stayed with a sitter that afternoon so Emily and I could go do some shopping.

I am pretty sure Sawyer wanted to bring Bella home with us.  She was in love.

It was a quick but great visit!  Saturday morning we met up with my friend Judy and her fianc√© for brunch and then we were off to Yoakum.  We went and visited with all the family, Ty made himself super comfy in Grandma Cowen's arms!

We spent the rest of the weekend playing with cousins, swimming and Sawyer had her first snow cone.  Purple with a purple straw of course.

A nice last trip of the summer with my kiddos!  But, we were all very glad for Barry to be home!

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