Friday, August 1, 2014

Fourth of July 2014

This year for Fourth of July we had quite the patriotic day!  There was a neighborhood parade in Cinco Ranch that Jeff and Kristin invited us to come to, we thought the kids would love doing that!  And we loved decorating the wagon and dressing everyone patriotically.  Barry made over this garden wagon and it was big enough for the 4 big girls to ride in and he even rigged it to have an umbrella - he's so handy!  The babies enjoyed the ride from the stroller.  Aside from the crazy heat, it was a fun time.

The girls weren't in love with waiting for the parade to start…we tried to distract them by letting them get out and run around, but ultimately it was 4 bags of Cheeze-Its (thank goodness for the Boy Scout snack stand because we all came unprepared!) that made everyone happy.

Ms. Sassy Pants herself.  Barry went with the camo to support the troops.

And, Ty's red cheeks and blue eyes - super patriotic.

Once the parade finally got started it was a short little route around the pool…which made us all wonder why we were walking in the heat and not sitting at the pool.  Next year.

Somehow, we didn't win the decor contest.  They made us switch categories or we totally would have. But, ice cream for the win.

We spent the afternoon at the Jaworski's cooking burgers and watching the hot dog eating contest - doesn't get more American than that.  After a while, we headed over to our friends' firework stand where Sawyer promptly took over.

We didn't go to watch fireworks party because of the huge storm that blew in, and partly because Sawyer was terrified of the thought.  So, we sat on the floor in out living room and watched the ones we could see over our back fence, which were so "sparkly and beau-ful."

God Bless America.

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