Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Coast Trip 2014

Our trip this year was a little different than normal - we had a much smaller group than we usually do.  We missed everyone, but still had a great time.  And, it was Ty's first time to the beach.

Even though he will never remember this, I love being able to include my kids in this family tradition I love so much.  Sawyer was the only little kid there this year so she got TONS of attention and loved every second of it.

She basically spent the entire weekend asking anyone and everyone to build a castle with her.  She had quite a few takers.

Saturday morning Barry's friend Clayton brought his boat over to where we were staying to take Barry, my Dad & Jerry fishing.  Once they were done, they took Sawyer out for a ride.  I think she liked the boat, but wasn't too sure about the fish.  Although, now she is always telling me she is going to ask her dad to take her on a boat.

While Sawyer was busy building and digging all weekend, Ty spent his time totally relaxing.

The last night we were there, more cousins joined us…with lots of kids for Sawyer to play with - Emme, Miles & Zachary, who also happened to like to build castles!  She is obsessed with all things having to do with her cousins so as soon as we told her they were her cousins the shyness was gone and they were instant friends!

Ty & Chloe met for the first time too, Ty is about 3 weeks younger than her - so cute!!

Already looking forward to going back next year with the whole family next time!

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