Monday, July 11, 2011

18 weeks on the beach!

This is gonna be a long one!  My favorite weekend of the year has come and gone!  Every year my dad's side of the family heads down to Port Aransas for a long weekend and it is my favorite place in the world.

We have been doing this every summer for as long as I can remember and I have so many great memories.  Our group seems to grow every year.  This was everyone back in 2009...this year there were 51 of us...and we were missing a few!

I'm the one in the back in the orange hat that looks like a boy!
I am so thankful to have such a huge, wonderful family.  Unfortunately this is the only time of the year some of us see each other, but we make the most of the time together...not much sleeping going on!  My favorite memory of the coast is when Barry and I got engaged 3 years ago.  I couldn't have asked for a better proposal!

We went on an early morning walk this year just like when we got engaged...but there were no diamonds involved this time...maybe next year, I will keep trying =)  My favorite memory of this year was that I think I felt the baby move for the first time...I think.  Here I am at 18 weeks.

I think I looked way more pregnant two weeks ago than I do now...I'm blaming it on Cora.  I have a ton of pics from the weekend so here they come!

First day at the beach:

Cora and Holly...the best babysitter ever!
Barry, Dad and Michael
Cora and her grandma!
Abigail the fish
Brooke, Brie and Cora
Every year we have a birthday party for the July birthdays...since Brooke's birthday was on Friday this year we did it that night.

The birthday girls!  Brooke, Abigail, Brittney & Holly

She had her first taste of cake...didn't love it.  Must not be related to me!
Barry playing referee!

soon to be Mr & Mrs!!!
Saturday at the beach:

Girl first cousins!  Minus Cora...

Excuse my lion was humid
so cute!
Saturday night we took family pics

All of us!
The Paweleks
Cora munching on her outfit
The Boenings
And that's it!  I can't believe this is my 50th post...who knew I would actually stick with this and LOVE doing it!  Thanks for reading!!

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  1. I LOVE this entire post!! Traditions, adorable babies, awesome fam cake, and that pic of you and Barry is definitely a FRAMER!!! Miss y'all! Call you sooooon!


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