Friday, July 22, 2011

It's A...........

Yesterday was the big day!  We were able to find out the gender of our baby!  We decided that we wanted to do something fun to tell our parents but were stumped because we left for our vacation yesterday so we wouldn't be able to see our families...or keep the secret until we came back so we cooked up a plan! 

We started telling everyone that we were going to have the doctor's office write down boy or girl and seal it in an envelope and we were going to wait to open it until we got on the plane, which we originally planned to do, but changed our minds.  So we decided to let everyone else think that was our plan anyways.  We called the florist and cookie cake delivery store and placed an order.  We explained to them that we were going to reveal the gender to our parents with their deliveries so we would be calling Thursday morning with the color to send over to them.  We ordered flowers for my mom and Barry's parents and a cookie cake for my dad.

After a restless Wednesday night, it was finally time for our appointment.  They took tons of measurements and looked closely at the organs and spine and FINALLY told us the gender.  The lady asked what I thought it was, and I said I thought it was boy, but I didn't see anything there!  She had just captured an image that would tell us boy or girl...and she said I was right...nothing!  A GIRL!  But most importantly a healthy girl!  There were no concerns from the doctor as far as the baby or indicators for disability or preterm labor.  I was totally shocked that we were having a girl!  But, we are very excited.  She weights 11 oz and is about the size of a Barbie doll...which I like better than the fruit of the week...large banana.

We hadn't really decided on a name up to that point but as soon as the lady stepped out to get the doctor it was just like we knew what her name was going to be all along...and it was something we hadn't even talked about!  And the best part is that her daddy picked it out =)

We left the doctor, called about our deliveries and did some shopping around town while we waited for the phone calls to roll in!  One of our stops was a baby store - I asked Barry if he was going to get mad when I put big, rediculous bows on our little girl and he said no, as long as I don't get mad when he dresses her in camo (which she will obviously be wearing a bow with).  Deal. 

My mom was the first to call, she got a new job last week and was kind of bouncing around this week so I had to enlist the help of Brie.  Brie went and picked up the flowers since I wasn't sure where to have them delivered.  She called me when she was walking into my mom's office so I was able to hear her reaction, which was fun..."You little sneaks!!"  But also very excited!

My dad was the next one to call, we had a cookie cake delivered to his office...

Congrats Grandpa...It's ANOTHER girl!
We hoped that Barry's parents would receive theirs before we got on the plane...but no such luck!  We had about a 20 minute layover in Atlanta so we were able to talk the them and call the rest of our families and friends as well.

I didn't plan to spend my vacation on the computer, but when we arrived in Key West last of our suitcases didn't.  So we are stuck waiting around for it right now for a few hours and had to reschedule our fishing trip...but no big deal because it is raining anyways!

We didn't really get any good pictures yesterday, this is about as good as it gets!  It snapped it in the car before we left so its blurry...its a profile view with her foot over her head...kinda hard to tell. 

Sawyer Beth

That was a long one, but I want to remember all the details of such a great day!  Off to enjoy the vacation with my hubby!  20 week (HALFWAY DONE!) pictures to come soon.


  1. I am so excited for your Tara! Enjoy your vacation!

  2. how exciting! congrats, tara!


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