Monday, July 25, 2011

20 Weeks & Our "Babymoon"

Half way done...hard to believe it!  Shortly after we found out we were having a baby, Barry and I decided that we wanted to take one last trip...just the two of us.  We realize we will be able to travel once we have kids, but it will just be different.  We wanted somewhere tropical and since my passport is expired and there wasn't enough time to get a new one, we decided on Key West...and it didn't dissapoint! 

We were totally surprised by the crazy nightlife that goes on there, we had no idea!!  It was wild...apparently...we didn't do anything too crazy, 3 days of relaxing was plenty excitement for us!  Since we didn't receive one of our suitcases whenever we first got there, the one that had all of Barry's swimsuits, we were kind of limited on our first day there, Friday.  Can't have much of a beach vacation without a swimsuit!  So we decided to spend the day exploring the island and doing some shopping.  Here are my pics from Friday...20 weeks!!!!!

Now get ready for the Tara & Barry show...full of akward self portraits and pictures of each of us by ourselves!  While we were out shopping, we looked everywhere to find a keychain or license plate or something with Sawyer's name on it...we wanted a unique name and mission accomplished!  All we found was this building...which is way better than a cheesy key chain anyways!

Us, walking around...there was this beautiful private island with some awesome houses in the background.

Barry hanging out with the creepy card playing statues at our hotel...

The suitcase finally arrived when we got back that afternoon so we were able to get ready for dinner that night, we found a great Italian restaurant right by our hotel.

The extent of our night life was going to a movie that night!  Saturday started out like this...

Followed by a couples' massage on the beach...amazing!!  The hotel had these super elaborate sand castles that had been there for 3 months with barely any damage to them...pretty cool.

And the rest of the day was spend doing this...


Until we got ready for dinner that night.  We took the recommendations from some of the waitresses we talked to that day and headed to Commodores for a nice seafood dinner on the harbor.

And dessert was of course Key Lime Pie...when in Rome...

We walked back to our hotel that night and relaxed on the beach.  Sunday was....interesting.  We had booked an offshore fishing trip which we were both very excited about doing...I even bought a new cute fishing shirt for the excursion =)

And that is the last picture you will see of me because I spend the entire 4 hour trip with my head hanging over the side of the boat getting rid of my breakfast.  It was a long 4 hours for me!  I have never been one to get motion sickness at all, but pregnancy does weird things to you! 

Right before we left...

Barry's big catch of the day...

So that was that.  I instantly felt better when we got off the boat so we grabbed lunch and walked back to our hotel stopping in some stores on the way to find a souvenier...we ended up with some cool paintings that we are going to hang in Sawyer's room!

We decided to pick up some sandwiches and have a picnic at the pool Sunday night, which was so relaxing and we spend the rest of the night laying on the private beach our hotel had talking about our baby girl!

It was a great trip...We have already started talking about where the three of us can go next summer!  This is quickly turning into my virtual scrapbook, which was not my intention when I started this blog, but turns out I am way better at keeping up with this.  Plus, I like this a lot more than actually thanks for reading all my rambling!

Have a great week!

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