Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th of July...and 17 Weeks!

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!  All this traveling is starting to wear on me, but I can't complain because it is all fun stuff and it is making time FLY by!  I can't believe we are almost half way done!  I took my 17 week pics this week in Galveston, we rented a house on the canals in Jamaica Beach and had a great time!

The baby is growing to the size of a sweet potato this week...I am hoping to feel something pretty soon...everything I have read says this is about the time!  I am still feeling pretty good, minus some stomach pains here and there which I am attributing to growing...but we go to the doctor on Thursday so I will ask him about it just in case.  But we are looking forward to hearing the heart beat again...its very surreal and reassuring at the same time.

Just so you know...there was a strict dress code of red white and blue only...hence the outfits...

How great was our view??  We were really happy with the location of our house, and would totally go back to this area again.  We had a great breeze on the balcony and were able to hang out and fish on the deck below.  Plus we were about a 2 minute drive from the beach.  We pretty much hung out at the house all weekend and ate.  The doctor should be pleased with my weight gain this week! ;)

I took a few pictures over the weekend, mostly of the little girls because they were so cute in their patriotic outfits!  This was Abigail's first time at the beach and she LOVED it...she couldn't get enough of the water.  Every time Adam or Melissa would bring her back she would grab their hand and lead them back to the waves.  Cora has already had her first beach trip, her excitement level wasn't quite as high as Abigail's, but she seemed pretty content being there!

Ready to go!
Hurry Mom!
I LOVE this picture!
Such a happy baby

Barry and I...in our patriotic beach chairs
Cora's first 4th!
no words.
its exhausting sitting at the beach!
she wasn't scared of him this weekend!!
she may have even liked him!
We were watching the guys float in the canal and she couldn't stand it!! she kept reaching over there wanting to get in with them!
All the guys...minus Adam, he was cooking us some delicious burgers

Becky and Abigail...right before Becky scared the heck out of her!!!
All the girls!
What a fun weekend!  It's a short week for us because we are headed to the beach again next weekend for the annual Fernandez Family vacation...can't wait!!

Check out Becky's Blog for lots more cute pics!

I will update again after we go to the doctor this week =)

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