Monday, August 18, 2014

Caroline's Birthday

July 17th started out like any other day: took Sawyer to school, ran home to do a couple things then head down town for a lunch.  But, right as I was getting on the high way Becky called.

She had texted earlier in the day that she was having a lot of contractions but she thought she had just over done it or something.  She said she would start timing then at 10:00 that morning if they didn't stop.  They never stopped.  Michael was on his way home and they were going to head to the hospital. Fortunately, Kristin was able to come hang out with the older girls until I could get there to help out.  I picked Sawyer up from school a little early and we went to Becky's house since they had decided to admit her!!  I hung out with the kids all afternoon while driving my parents and Michael crazy for updates.

We finally got the word to slowly head up to the hospital…so I loaded all the kids up (getting there slowly was not going to be a problem!)  Fortunately Becky & Michael had just bought this new car the night before so I was able to haul everyone to pick up dinner and meet Caroline!

After only an hour or two of toddler wrangling and entertaining…

Caroline Therese made her debut - so beautiful and so perfect!!

The girls thought she was just so cute!

I agree.

Ty stuck pretty close to my dad the whole time, trying to figure out how he was going to survive among all these girls!

But, being just shy of 4 months apart, these two will be best buds before too long!

I just love being an aunt, especially to little ones as sweet as this!!

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