Thursday, January 1, 2015

First Nutcracker

This year my mom treated us to the Nutcracker Ballet on my birthday.  We used to go every year, my sister (sometimes both) was in it every year, but I haven't been since her last performance which was a looooong time ago!

My mom found tickets to a local ballet company which was actually perfect because we were able to take Sawyer and Cora as well.  We had been talking about the show for a week or so before going and every time a Houston Ballet commercial would come on TV Sawyer would talk about how excited she was to see the "Ballerina Cracker."  M.E. bought the girls new fancy dresses for the show and they were so into it!  I think these pictures are just the sweetest.  They were so excited and had no idea what they were actually excited about!



On the way there, my mom read them the Nutracker story.

They were so funny once we got there.  Cora had brought a purse, naturally, and was so thoughtful and brought one for Sawyer too...incase she had forgotten hers.  Which she had.

While waiting for the show, they had to make a quick phone call on the Doc McStuffins phone to their other BFF, Julia, to tell her about the ballerina cracker.


They did so good during the show and they loved it!  We all did.  They got to meet the ballerinas after the show and they were just in awe!

Such a fun afternoon and I am looking forward to resuming the annual Nutcracker tradition!  And, my little buddy had a fun afternoon with the guys...

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