Saturday, January 17, 2015

Ty: 9 months

9 months old!

My little snuggly Ty-Ty is growing up so quickly!

He continues to be a serious momma's boy, sometimes I think it is just because he likes my hair.  LOVES my hair.  I always think he is giving me the greatest hugs whenever I pick him up, only to feel a giant pull on my hair and find a handful between his little fingers.

Ty's 9th month started out great!  His first hunting trip and Thanksgiving at the beginning of the month were the highs...

But then we had a bit of a rough patch.  One ear infection, followed by a food challenge that did not go well, followed by a double ear infection and pink eye and teething all the while.  I got lots of snuggles and there were a lot of days in our PJs.

We did the food challenge per our doctors instructions at his 9 month check up.  Since he has previously had a reaction to milk protein, she instructed us to give him some yogurt around 9 months since most kids grow out of it by then.  He is definitely still allergic.  He loved the yogurt, but two hours later was throwing up over and over, for an hour straight.  It was the absolute saddest thing.

I am, however, thankful that it is a very acute reaction, nothing life threatening, and after that hour of miserableness and a long nap he is back to normal.

We will try again at about 15 months, hopefully with a better result.  Fortunately we have been able to find some dairy free/soy free snacks that he loves - he is absolutely obsessed with Puffs.

 And loves Cheerios.

And he is becoming less and less interested in being fed - so onto the messy finger food stage we go! He likes avocados, beans, tomatoes, rice, pretty much anything I put on his tray.

He checked out great at his 9 month appointment.  He was 20 lbs 2 oz (61st%), 29.5 in long (92nd%) and his head was 18 inches (73%).  He is in 12 month clothes and wears size 4 diapers.  He pulls up on everything and is a speed crawler.

His favorite thing is the bath, and everything about it.  The bathroom door stays closed all the time because he loves to just go in there and bang his toys on the bath tub, then he of course drops them in, then tries to get them out.  It won't end well, so we just avoid that all together!  He still doesn't sleep through the night, maybe someday.  He likes to be rocked to sleep and then sleeps curled up in a tiny little ball on his stomach.  He still doesn't take a bottle, but his time is coming because I have a trip coming up.  He loves to play in Sawyer's room and  ride in the car - sleeps instantly, but wakes up as soon as we stop.  Despite all the sickness over the month, he is still such a happy baby and always smiling.  His laugh is ridiculous.

For as long as some of the days were that month, time continues to fly by and I am very thankful for their health otherwise.  I am trying to soak it all up and enjoy every minute with these kiddos of mine!

9 months.

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