Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Ty: 11 Months

The count down is officially on to his first birthday!  (And now its actually here because I super procrastinated writing this because I am in denial)

My 11 month old little buddy can usually be found with something in his mouth (usually something he isn't supposed to have) and one sock or shoe on, the other off.

He can rarely be found sitting still and can always be found trying to climb something, open something (including the toilet...super fun new trick!), eat something or pull up on something.

Ty's 11th month started with me going to Mexico for a bachelorette party.  I was suuuuuuuper nervous to leave him overnight for the first time, especially since it was for three nights.  But, he did great.  He drank bottles the whole time and even slept better than usual.  We finally had some decent weather right before I left so we spent some time outside and Ty met the sandbox.

Should be a fun summer at the beach!  Those plastic snakes are among his favorite toys.  And we are making the most of our zoo membership with our little zoo crew (+Julia & Emily not pictured) - girls everywhere!

Right after I got back, we welcomed another cousin!  Emma Grace was born on February 2nd.  Ty looks so grown up to me just hanging out with the big kids in the waiting room.

This month Ty got more and more comfortable standing by himself...sure to take off very shortly.

One of this other favorite toys is this broom Sawyer got for Christmas.  He can often be found crawling around with it and standing with it - with one sock on.  His other interests include trash cans, plugs, the bathtub and the toilet.  Sawyer's interests do not include closing the bathroom doors - constant battle around here.

He does eat plenty of things he is supposed to eat too.  This month we tried eggs, he is pretty indifferent, but they are certainly fun to play with. Lori usually gets half of what I put on Ty's tray.  We also started introducing the sippy cup which he mostly loves to throw on the floor.  His favorite foods are still most fruits, especially grapes, strawberries and bananas.

We moved Ty up to the bigger car seat this month, not by choice.  He found a string on the baby carrier carseat and he pulled and pulled and pulled it until there was a giant hole in it.  Fortunately his new one came with these handy cheek rests...

He has 5 teeth - 3 on top, 2 on bottom and is kind of a biter - mostly just my shoulders and always my hair.  He is in 12-18 month sized clothing, size 4 diapers and between a 4 and a 5 size shoe.  As mischievous as this little boy is, he is just the sweetest!  He is such a snuggler.

And he has the most ridiculous dimples which will make it hard for him to ever get in trouble!

His favorite times of the day are when Sawyer wakes up in the morning and when Barry gets home from work.  He gasps with excitement when he sees her and speed crawls to the front door when he hears it open.

The feeling is pretty mutual - we sure do love this little guy around here!!

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