Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Ty: 12 Months

Well...I think I have procrastinated long enough on this one.  I am in such denial that my little guy is 12 months old!  A whole year.

And what a fun year it has been.  A year of lots of snuggles, not a lot of sleep, a year of learning and patience and joy.  Watching these two together is my most favorite part.  I hope they will always love to hang out with each other.

We started Ty's 12th month with lots of parties, other friends first birthdays, and Spring break.  We went to Yoakum for the weekend and then onto San Antonio for a few days to visit, where he got super sick - pink eye and ear infection...was awful.  Ty is pretty stingy with kisses - until he found this mirror in Grandma & Grandpa's room - endless entertainment.

We also went to the Rodeo - his first time! We met Cara, Logan & Emma one day after a quick stop by my Dad's office to say hi.

Ty & Emma slept through the whole thing.

The big kids had a blast though!  Well worth the 17 mile long line we waited in to get in...

We celebrated Cora's fourth (!!!) birthday.  Ty wore his pink shirt in honor of all the princesses.

And we took another trip to the rodeo.  This time we actually went into the rodeo and concert and Ty was in an animal trance.

Biggest news this month is Ty is now walking!  He started about 3 weeks before his birthday and he is ev.ry.where.

Now that he is walking, he is quite the tornado.  His favorite things to do are look out the window and play in the curtains (he just giggles and giggles at himself), empty cabinets and drawers, and pick up random things around the house to throw into the bath tub, trash, hamper or toilet.

And, he prefers to ride in grocery carts standing up backwards.  Makes for super efficient shopping!

Eating is still going ok.  Its pretty hit or miss with him unless it is fruit or peas or taco meat.  We are still staying away from all dairy and soy for the time being.  He is doing better with bottles - they say he even feeds himself at school.  At home he acts like his arms don't work and wants to be fed.

He continues to be a super mama's boy and is so snuggly.  Whenever I get him from his crib he just wraps his whole body around me like a little koala bear and I love it!  He has always gotten really excited when he hears the door open when Barry gets home, but now instead of just getting excited he runs his chubby little legs to the door falling a couple times along the way.  At his 12 month check up he weighed 21 lbs 8 oz ( 54%)  was 30.25 inches (67%) and his head was 18.5 inches (76%).  He is in size 4 diapers and 12-18 month clothes with size 5 feet and 5 and a half teeth.  The doctor also ordered some food allergy testing but he will continue be on a toddler formula for supplementation and then fully once he is totally done nursing.

That was the morning of his birthday.  He is such a happy little guy!!  On his birthday, he had Mother's Day Out.  Mimi and Brie were in town so we picked Ty up and then went to get Sawyer and had an "ice cream" date.  I found a place that has a diary-free-soy-free option so Ty could have some. He mostly just cared about the strawberries and blueberries I put on top.

And then we took him for his first hair cut, he did not care for this at all.

We had some family photos done a couple weeks after his birthday, more to come on that and Ty's "Wild One" party.  They both have that cute little nose and squinty-eyed smile!

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