Friday, May 15, 2015

Ty's "Wild One" Party

We had Ty's first birthday party the Saturday after his birthday.  We went with a western theme of cowboy hats and bandana print.  I intended to just to a small party with some family, but ended up inviting lots of people and I'm glad we did!  We had a nice afternoon with great weather and good food celebrating our Ty-Ty.  Barry's mom made the cutest cupcakes and I made Ty a dairy-free, soy-free smash cake so he could still enjoy a treat on his birthday.  It took some convincing for him to dig in, but he eventually did and loved it!  I think he had a great day.





I'm so happy he got into his cake because it was definitely a labor of love to make!  Thanks to everyone for for coming and to everyone that was a special afternoon!!

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