Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bun in the Oven

Hi All! Sorry I have been MIA for over a week now...but I have good reason.  You see...

worst picture ever...I may or may not have been shaking.
Barry and I are having a BABY!!!  So brace yourself for the long post!
We found out on April 4th, my Mom and Becky & Michael were actually staying with us so its was super hard to keep the secret!  But we managed.  I woke up early and took the test, but didn't tell Barry I had done it.  I saw it was positive and totally froze.  I had big plans of some creative way to tell Barry after work!  My plan lasted about 15 minutes...I couldn't stand it anymore so I told Barry I had taken the test and I wanted him to look at it first, even though I had already seen it.  I clearly wasn't thinking straight.  So Barry went into the bathroom and said "It's a BOY!"  To which I replied, "No, Its' a GIRL!"  We'll see who wins...we don't really care either way though.

I called the doctor that day and made an appointment for the 19th.  I was super nervous that morning, because although I had taken multiple positive tests - just to make sure =) - the doctor confirming the pregnancy was going to make this much more real!  Which it did!  We did a sonogram before we saw the doctor and we got to see our little blueberry!  The heart was beating at 120 and we could actually see it moving...it was crazy!

Then we saw the doctor and the first thing he told us was that it was just one baby...thank goodness!  But everything else looked good and the baby was measuring exactly right...6 weeks and 5 days - due December 8th.  He told us there was a very small chance for miscarriage at this point since we actually saw the heart beating so it was safe to tell our family.  FINALLY!!  No more lying and being secretive...as much as I hated lying to our families, it was for a good cause! 

So we devised a plan to tell our families over Easter weekend.  We went to Yoakum on Friday to see Barry's family first.  We bought his mom an early Mother's Day present since we won't be able to see her that weekend - a new charm for her Pandora bracelet - the December birthstone.  We had Barry's dad come in there too, we told him the present was kind of for him too.  We let her open the charm first, she thought it was pretty but I don't think she was sure why we had given her a random navy blue ball!  So then we gave her the card...

There were tears and hugs and everyone was very excited for us!  Tammy and Tia were there too, but we had to wait to tell Cara until the next day.  Barry's Granny came over for dinner so we were able to tell her that evening and told his Grandma the next day while we were at her house.  Once we had delivered the news all over Yoakum, we headed to Austin Saturday afternoon.

After a quick detour at Cabela's, you can't drive by it and not stop!, we arrived at my parents house.  They had no idea what was coming!  We had this wonderful plan to tell Brie while my parents went to church in San Antonio and decorate the house with baby colors and signs for when they came back...but we got there earlier than we thought, and church started later than they thought.  And, we forgot our bag of decorations!  So, Plan B.

I had made an Easter basket for Brie from the baby.  Barry snuck in the house and hid it while I was talking to my mom and my dad was outside working.  Whenever Brie came home -which seemed like an eternity but was only like 10 minutes later, I told her that Barry and I had brought her an Easter basket...but she had to find it.  The Easter Bunny always hides baskets at our house.  Brie LOVES hates looking for baskets!  She promptly started to complain and try to get me to tell her where it was because she was NEVER going to find it.  It was in the first place she looked.

My mom was close by when she found it, more tears and hugs!  Then she took the basket outside to show my Dad...he was busy painting benches??  But quickly caught on and the celebrating began!  Brie and I ran up to the store to get decorations, my Aunt Cindy was on her way over and Becky and Michael & Cora would be there later that evening so we wanted to decorate for them.

Cindy was quite confused and was half way convinced they were Easter decorations - what?????  Becky and Michael didn't arrive till 3 AM...and my pregnant tired self was dead asleep...until the lights were flipped on and the covers ripped off!

Barry has been taking pictures of me every week...nothing to see yet, so I plan to put weekly updates about everything on here so that I can remember this special time in my life...cheese ball!!  But seriously, I have a really bad memory and this is the easiest was to keep in touch with everyone.  I'm all about easy these days!

So far I have been feeling pretty good, until a few days ago.  I have been trying to work out every day, no more running, but plenty of eliptical and walking because it makes me feel a lot better.  Eating is not really happening anymore.  I have not been nauseous or thrown up at all...thank goodness!!  But, I just don't have much of an appetite.  The things that I am able to eat are not so much on the healthy side, but I guess its better than nothing.  I feel kind of bad that I am eating such junk food all the time, but hopefully that will change soon!  Barry had to go to the grocery store last night because I just couldn't bear the thought of looking at all that food...YUCK!  Spaghettios and Peanut Butter and Jelly have quickly become a staple...I also was in need of some Cool Ranch Dorritos yesterday.  This is what Barry came home with...

Yes, the Dorritos are open, I couldn't wait.
So, I very much enjoyed my Princess Spaghettios and chips for dinner while Barry ate nachos.

He felt like I should share them since they were healthy nachos.  Fat free beans and low fat cheese...I'll go with it.

In all honesty, I haven't eaten anything I have posted on here in a while.  And I have a couple more recipes to post, but I can't stand to look at the pictures of the food, so it will have to wait!  The nachos are grossing me out as I write!

Our little one has quickly grown from a poppy seed, to an apple seed, to an orange seed, to a blueberry and now a raspberry...I can't wait to see what food comes next week!  I read the other day that the baby has grown more than 10,000 times since conception...blows my mind!

Friday is picture day...I will be 8 weeks 1 day...a baby in 7 months!!!!!!!!!!!!  So, look for a new post shortly after.

Happy Tuesday!

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