Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The first two months...

Its so hard to believe last week marked the 8th week of my pregnancy...2 months already!!  Crazy that in 7 months we will have a BABY...I think its still sinking in.  I have had some technical difficulties getting these pictures off of Barry's fancy schmancy camera, which is why I haven't posted...but I finally figured it out.  Turns out my dinosaur iPhone really isn't all that bad!

We started taking pictures at week 5...there still really isn't anything to see, although I feel much bigger.  My jeans are unbuttoned as I sit here writing...TMI?!?  I guess my stomach is getting bigger, but I can still "suck in" which I imagine will be ending pretty shortly!  I haven't gained any weight yet either...kind of.  I had lost a pound or two so now I am back up to where I was the day I found out I was pregnant...on some days!

Please excuse my extreme lack of fashion sense...but this is what I wear to work, and I take casual Friday to the extreme.

5 weeks
Taking pics by yourself is so awkward!

6 weeks
That may look like a small bump, but its just my shirt...I won't be able to say that too much longer so I have to while I can!
7 weeks

Hello crazy hair!  The fatigue is clearly setting in.  My super cute but extremely un-photogenic dog felt the need to join in this day.  I will spare you the other pics because they were just too bad!  Yes, it does get worse than this one!  Week 7 is when I really started to feel pregnant.  Still no nausea or anything...thank goodness...but sooooooooo tired and very little appetite.  Somehow still have an appetite for Easter candy though...weird!
8 weeks

We were going out for dinner so I actually got out of my stretchy dry fit clothes for the evening.  I am not one to show my stomach...EVER, but I figure while I still have the slightest bit of abs no harm done.  This will probably be the one and only!  I will spare you all the sight of my giant pregnant belly when it does come, don't worry!

Still feeling pretty pregnant.  10-12 hours of sleep at night is hardly enough.  I have broadened my horizons with food...I even ate a steak last Friday when we went out to eat.  But, pretty much all I was to eat is carbs.  I am over peanut butter and jelly for the time being, but still doing the Spaghettios.  I eat Saltines all day at my desk and am really into smoothies right now.  I am sure Barry is ready for this part to be over - he is on a steady diet of frozen pizza & mac and cheese...neither of which I am interested in.  It is the strangest thing that foods that I would normally demolish make me turn my head!  I promised him I would cook for him again some day and we would be eating veggies again eventually!  I did manage to cook spaghetti the other night...raw meat and all...I even ate it...along with lots of garlic bread.

Baby B is now the size of a olive...but that grosses me out so I changed it to a grape.  Almost 1 inch from head to behind!  The baby can move its tiny arms and legs and is growing a liver, spleen and gallbladder this week.  Such hard work...for both of us!  We head back to the doctor 2 weeks from today...looking forward to hearing the heart beat again and asking all the questions we forgot to ask last time!

Look how excited Cora is about her cousin!

These are Baby B's other cousins, Brody and Blake...their first time eating SPAGHETTI so I had to share...

Until next time....

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  1. tara! so happy for you. you're just adorable. your blog is so fun to read.


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