Monday, May 16, 2011

10 Weeks

So, I may have lied about me starting to cook again....that was short lived.  I am hoping to wake up on the day my second trimester starts feeling like a whole new who likes to cook and eat a nutritious diet again!

What a weekend we had!  Barry and I did our "tour of Texas" as I like to call it that we do at least once a month it seems like!  I tried to take a few pics along our journey but didn't get too many good ones.  We started off our weekend early this week and spent all day Friday babysitting Brody and Blake.  And by all day, I mean 5 am to 5 pm.  The day started off kind rough with two very unhappy babies, but I feel the same way at 5 am so I can't blame them!  I finally got Brody to sleep in the nausea machine rocking chair and Barry had Blake snuggled in the bed...I was jealous!  But the day got much better and we had a great time playing outside, eating, napping and reading books.  I didn't really get any pictures of them, probably because they didn't stop moving all day...except for nap time!

Barry is gonna be such a good dad! =)

After a day of babysitting in Yoakum, we headed to San Marcos to have dinner with our friends Aaron and Kristi.  I took my 10 week pictures at their apartment...

Note to self:  Do not wear this shirt when not actually pregnant!   Yes, that's Lori getting in everyone's business.
UGH! I don't know what the deal is...I have tried everything and the pictures won't turn!  I will try to fix them on a different computer later.

We had a great time eating dinner on the patio - grilled chicken, mashed potatoes and fried okra for me...probably could have eaten two more plates of fried okra!

After dinner we headed to Dripping Springs for the annual Wild Game Dinner at my parents house, which took place on Saturday.  Every year they have everyone from the deer lease plus lots of family and other friends over to cook all of the year's catches.  A.K.A. clean out the freezer.  Camo attire is obviously required for entry.

Cora's first wild game dinner!  She wouldn't stop moving either...

Abigail rockin the pink camo...she was not sure what to think about Cora, but she sure did like Cora's play mat!

Barry cooking who knows what!

Those were all the pictures I managed to snap...unfortunately a party that features a menu of mostly meat from all kinds of animals isn't the most pleasant thing when you're pregnant, and I wasn't feeling all that great most of the day.  The caramel brownies and Brie's stash of Easter candy helped quite a bit though! =)

This week the baby is growing from the size of a prune to a lime...I fully expect to have a bump of some sort by the end of the week!  According to my new favorite app, Baby B is forming finger nails and toe nails this week (I am REALLY praying my child get's Barry's nails!) and growing to 2 inches in length.

We have our second doctor's appointment tomorrow and we are supposed to have another sonogram.  I can't wait to see the heart beat again!  I will post it tomorrow when we get it...if you haven't noticed, I am using this as a "baby book" because I know myself and I won't take the time to fill out and keep an actual it's going on here!

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