Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Doctor's Appointment #2

Yesterday we had our second prenatal appointment and it went great!  First we went in to see Peaches, the sonogram tech, who is awesome!  She told us our baby looks great and is measuring 11 weeks already, even though I was only 10 weeks 5 days yesterday and the heart beat was 164.  It was so crazy to see how much Baby B was moving around...Barry thinks we are gonna have our hands full!  The baby was practically doing flips and was waving to us =) 

I was very relieved when we left the room because I had been nervous leading up to the appointment...but all is well and the baby is growing wonderfully!  We then went and talked with the doctor and got all of our questions answered that we forgot to ask last time.  We won't have another sonogram until our 20 week appointment, and that's when we will find out the sex!  We go back in 4 weeks though for another check up.  Here are the pics from yesterday...

Hanging out upside down, kind of a profile view.

This time facing us, still upside down.  See the little arms and legs???

Another view from the side.

In other good news...guess who cooked dinner last night?!?  Yup, its true.  I'll share the recipe probably next week.  I have another one of my mom's recipes to put up tomorrow that I meant to put up last week but never did!

PS...check out Barry's and Becky's blogs for lots more Wild Game pictures...they are much better photographers than I am!

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  1. I like how Peaches put "Hi Mom N Dad" on Pedro's picture, how silly! That Pedro is quite the model, so many different poses, love it!!


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