Monday, May 9, 2011

Open the Can Fruit Salad

This recipe hardly counts as cooking...but it's a start!  If you have ever been to a Fernandez Family Tailgate party you have undoubtedly had this fruit salad!  I'm not sure if this is my mom's recipe, or my aunt Cindy's, but someone always makes it.  And it's probably the easiest thing you will ever make...and has the most amount of sugar you will ever eat!  Until now...

It's called "open the can" because most of the fruit comes out of a can...which is SUPER high in sugar.  I LOVE this fruit salad, and seem to be craving cold fruit things lately so this was a must for Mother's Day weekend.  Instead of buying all regular canned fruit, I opted for all No Sugar Added varieties.  I had to substitute one fruit because they were out at the grocery store, but other than that it tasted exactly the same!

This recipe makes a lot...great for a party, but you may want to cut it in half for less people.  FYI...You are supposed to use peach pie filling for the base (my store was out of the no sugar added kind), so I experimented!

2 cans no sugar added apple pie filling
2 cans no sugar added mandarin oranges
2 cans no sugar added pineapple chunks
2 bags unsweetened frozen strawberries ( I actually only used 1 because I don't love the strawberries)
3 bananas, thinly sliced

Open all cans and pour into large mixing or serving bowl.

The peaches add a prettier color...but the apples worked too!

Add the strawberries in...

You will want to wait to put the bananas in until right before serving because they will turn brown.  The bananas are my favorite part so I add extras!

Mix it up really well and serve!  It's better when it's really cold...and great the next day (brown bananas and all!).


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