Sunday, May 8, 2011

9 Weeks

Happy Mother's Day!  I had a wonderful day at home with my family.  Barry, my Dad & Michael cooked a HUGE breakfast for me, my Mom, Becky & Mimi...they did a great job, complete with a bouquet of flowers for each of us and all of our favorites!  Barry did an even better job cleaning it all up =)  And, I got my first Mother's Day present. 

Another pregnancy week gone by...and the good news is I have kind of started cooking again.  I have actually been feeling a lot better the last few days.  Still pretty tired, but not nearly as many food aversions.  My fav food of the week is potato soup.  Good thing my mom has a great recipe...which I just finished eating!  I'm still not very interested in meat and veggies, mostly on a 95% carb diet unfortunately.  I have managed to eat a couple salads along side of my soup this week, so that's good I guess.

Still no weight gain, which I can't quite wrap my head around because my pants are super snug and my diet isn't exactly nutritious.  I know things are moving around but I feel like I have gained 15 pounds, at least!  I am not really showing yet, but I feel like any day now I will wake up with a bump.  I have a giant food baby after I eat but its always gone in the mornings.

Here are the pics from last Friday - 9 weeks 1 day.  Lori was trying to prove me wrong for calling her un-photogenic last time.  She cracks me up in these pictures!

No, I did not wear this to work...
Looking a little chubby!  My dog is so weird...we did not tell her to stand exactly like I was!
I think she proved me wrong...this is actually a good picture of her!
This week the baby is the size of a prune and busy growing knees, ankles and teeth!  Even though he or she is only 1.5 inches right now, I'm sure we will have a walking, talking child before we know it!

In honor of Mother's Day, I am going to put up a couple of my favorite recipes that my mom makes this week...stay tuned!  Maybe even tonight if I am feeling ambitious!

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