Sunday, September 18, 2011

28 Weeks...and ANOTHER wedding

My doctor confirmed last week that 28 weeks is actually the official start of the third my app was wrong.  But, it did tell me this week that Sawyer is as long as a 17 inch head of cabbage, weighs around 3 pounds, is starting to develop some more body fat now and is moving like crazy...which is no lie!  She is constantly moving, kicking and punching and who knows what else, but its always reassuring to feel her...even if that means feeling her pushed up against my ribs so I can't get comfortable...I'll take it!

Speaking of uncomfortable...its has begun.  Sleeping is not quite as easy, nor is sitting for too long, but if that's my only complaint, I consider myself pretty lucky.  I have started having a few contractions, they don't really hurt, but its a strange feeling!

Here I am at 28 weeks...we were in Tomball for the weekend and the hotel parking lot was as scenic as we could get!

We went to Tomball for our friends Matt & Hollie's wedding.  Matt (far left) was one of Barry's groomsmen in our wedding...

They worked together for a couple years when Barry used to work down on the ranch and have been great friends ever since.  Matt ended up moving to Houston about the same time we did so now we see him a little more often.  Matt and Hollie were married on Saturday at a super cute venue in Magnolia, we had a great time being able to celebrate with them!

Barry and me at the reception 
Matt & Barry
Hollie & I
Yup...same dress, different wedding.  My wardrobe is slim pickings these days!

Have a good Sunday evening!

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