Thursday, September 1, 2011

Doctor's Appointment #6

Look who is excited to meet their new cousin!

And equally as excited about the new addition...

Ok, so maybe it was the popcorn Barry was eating that she was wanting??  I don't know.

We had another pretty uneventful (the way I like it!) appointment today.  I had to do my gestational diabetes test, which definitely wasn't the highlight of my day, but it wasn't so bad...I guess.  I'm glad its over!  But other than that nothing new.  I have gained 11 pounds, blood pressure was good and Sawyer's heart beat was 149.  Now we have to start going to the doctor every two's getting close!!

We received Sawyer's bedding in the mail last week and wanted to get her bed ready so went ahead and started her laundry so we could wash the bedding too.  Barry couldn't get over how tiny everything is...especially her little socks that barely fit over his thumb! 

So, now her bed is ready and she has tons of clothes waiting on her! 

I did get a new recipe together this week, but haven't had a chance to post yet...maybe tomorrow.  So glad it's Friday!  We are looking forward to a football filled weekend!  27 week update to come soon...

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