Friday, September 30, 2011

Dear Sawyer...

I am writing this post while I am flying to Dallas for my first baby shower!  I am really excited for the shower, but also to see all my Dallas friends.  I haven’t been up there since March - its been waaaaay too long!  I decided to write this now because I HATE flying so this is a great distraction...this and Sawyer nailing me in the ribs.  
When I got on the plane and the anxiety set in, the first thing I thought was - I hope Sawyer doesn’t inherit this fear from me...because it stinks!  So I started thinking about all the things I hope for her.  I hope she gets my brains and sense of humor...obviously!  But, in all seriousness...
I hope she gets her dad’s extreme attention to detail...something I seriously lack most of the time, that and patience - which I also hope she gets from Barry.  I think she would be better off without my stubborn need to always be right no matter what.
I hope she likes to sleep like I do - quite unlike her daddy!  And, I hope she is a good eater - open-minded as my mom always used to tell me to be, because I usually wasn’t.  I hope she loves to learn new things like I do, and knows how to do everything like her dad does.  He has more hobbies and random knowledge of how things work...I’m still finding out about some things!  I hope she plays an instrument like him.
I hope she is creative like her Aunt Becky, passionate about her beliefs like her Aunt Brie, a book worm like her Aunt Tammy and cares for others like her Aunt Cara.  I pray every day that she has amazing relationships with her grandmothers well into her adult life, one of the things in my life I am most thankful for.  I’ve always wanted so badly for my kids to have their grandfathers in their lives - Barry and I both lost both of our grandfathers too soon - so I am excited she will be have them both.  And four great-grandmothers - I hope they spoil her rotten (I only say that because I know they will!) =)
I hope she loves to go hunting and fishing with her dad and go shopping do girly things with me.  I hope she has enough self control to walk in and out of Target without buying something every time - unlike her mother!  I hope she is strong in her faith and confident in herself.
I hope she is best friends with her cousins and loves her siblings, no matter how crazy they might make her!  I hope she has lots of girlfriends to have slumber parties with and stay up all night giggling.  And some day, far far away, I hope she meets a boy that is a gentleman just like her daddy.
Most of all, I hope she is happy that God chose us to be her parents.  We feel so blessed that He chose her for us.

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