Wednesday, June 6, 2012

6 Months

Happy Half Birthday!!

Sawyer turned 6 months last week - every month gets better and better, but this really is such a fun age.

She is so interactive, she thinks everything is hilarious and she is getting so much more independent.

She had a lot of firsts this usual... first plane trip and visiting the beach, her first hiking and fishing trip and her first graduation - which deserves its own post later.

Sawyer is still putting anything and everything within reach into her mouth...including this chair.

And our sheets...

She is also doing a lot of scooting around now, so even things that aren't within her immediate reach go in her mouth eventually.  Baby-proofing time is right around the corner!  Since we have to keep a much closer eye on her now, and she gets bored pretty quickly playing on the floor, she spends a lot of time in her exersaucer, which she loves!

May is a slower month for me at work so I was able to take some time off, which we took full advantage of.  We had a few play dates with friends - I am so thankful to have friends with babies around Sawyer's age!

We spent a day with Julia & Kristin and Cora & Becky.  Sawyer is still a little small to really play with them, but the big girls had a fun time playing with Sawyer!  We also spent a day with my friend Laura Lynn and her sweet boys Lleyton & Beckham.  And, Barry and I finally saw a movie for the first time in probably 8 months!  We are trading monthly date nights with our friends Nick & Kristina, their daughter Caroline is about 6 weeks younger than Sawyer.

Julia, Sawyer & Cora
Walking with the boys
Lleyton, Sawyer & Beckham
Caroline & Sawyer

Sawyer still hasn't quite mastered rolling from her stomach to her back - which frustrates her a lot.  But, she has learned to sleep on her stomach now, which is a welcome alternative to the yelling which was happening there for a while every time she would wake up on her stomach.

She is also ok with sleeping wherever she may be when she decides its nap time.

I also celebrated my first Mother's Day this past month.  We spent the weekend with both of our families and Barry and Sawyer made the day very special for me...somehow I took one picture all day.  And, it's terrible.  But, she was in a very snuggly mood that day - which I LOVED!

We have started experimenting with solid foods over the past few weeks.  Barry planted a garden and we have had some great fresh veggies, so we tried our hand at making baby food.  So far we have tried squash, zucchini, green beans and carrots.  We both usually end up covered in vegetable puree.

The Lori update:

Sawyer thinks Lori is so funny.  She watches her every move and loves to pet her.  And by pet, I mean poke her in the eyes and pull her ears.  Lori is a good sport.

School is going well too.  We had Sawyer's me and Barry's first homework assignment.  We got a A for creativity and procrastination.

Sawyer had way too much fun at her 6 month doctor's appointment.

She weighs 15 pounds 1 oz (34%) and is 26.5 inches (77%).  Her head is 16.75 inches (54%).  She is wearing 3-6 month clothes and size two diapers.  She is growing so much!  Her baby swing has been replaced with this big girl chair...

She is pretty proud of herself!  Every month when I write these posts I go back and look at the pictures from previous months.  It's unreal how much she has grown and changed.

1 month
6 months
I can't believe we are half way through her first year...looking forward to the second half!  We love you baby girl!

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