Monday, June 25, 2012

The Baby Tour of Dallas & Father's Day

Two weekends ago we ventured up to Dallas for the weekend.  This was Sawyer's first trip to Dallas...she did really good on the long car ride, but we learned that 4 hours is about her limit!

We arrived at Mimi's house late Friday evening to a very wired baby!  We finally convinced her to go to sleep since we had a long day ahead on Saturday.  

I love going to Dallas to visit with my grandma and so many of my friends live there.  I try my hardest to see everyone, which can be difficult...but I think we did a pretty good job juggling this time around.  Unfortunately, we didn't get to spend too much time with anyone, but we got to visit quite a few friends and meet lots of new babies!

We started the day Saturday going to visit my friend Nicole.  We grew up across the street from each other, she was my first friend when we moved back to Texas the summer before 5th grade.  My cousin Adam and I were hanging out in my front yard and this girl came down the street doing cartwheels...Adam convinced me to do some too (oh, the mind of a 5th grader!) and then Nicole and I became friends...just like that! 

It was so great to see her and catch up for a while!  We hadn't seen each other since Nicole's wedding which seemed like forever ago.  We talk every year on our birthdays...I always look forward to her phone call.  Unfortunately our birthdays are 11 days apart.  Nicole has 3 adorable kids...I don't know how she does it...she is super mom! She is the last person I talked to before going to the hospital to have Sawyer...she totally calmed my nerves!

I think we did pretty good getting a pic of 4 squirming kiddos!  I loved meeting her kids, they were all so sweet and love each other so much.

Asher 4 months...Sawyer 6 1/2 months
After a wonderful visit, we headed up to my friend Emily's awesome new house!  Emily and I were roommates in college and ended up having baby girls 2 weeks apart.  We talk daily about all things baby related - I love sharing this time in my life with her.  Sawyer and Charlotte weren't too sure about each other at first...

But they ended up having a great time playing together.

Last time Emily and I saw each other we were 8 months pregnant, now we are almost 7 months into this mommy thing and it was so great to finally meet Charlotte!

Next we went to meet Baby #3.  My friend Michelle had just arrived home from the hospital on Saturday with her baby girl Claire...I was so glad the timing worked out and we were able to meet her...she was so sweet!

I can hardly remember Sawyer ever being that tiny! 

We then went back to my grandmas and a few more friends came over to meet Sawyer for the first time - which I of course took no pictures of...judging by the last picture that might be a good thing!

Sunday was Father's Day and Sawyer made Barry this super cute present at school.
We had a great breakfast at Mimi's to start the celebration
Mimi bought Sawyer this super cute outfit to wear for the day...I just love this picture!
We then headed over to Fort Worth to meet Baby #4.  My cousin Ruben and his wife Meg just had baby Miles about a month ago so we were able to meet him and hang out with big sister Emme.  Sawyer and Emme enjoyed a sticker party.

And Miles was just adorable!
It was a whirlwind of a weekend but it was so great to see so many friends and family and meet so many sweet babies!  We spent the majority of Father's Day in the car, but I am so thankful for the wonderful fathers in my life and in Sawyer's life - she is one very blessed little girl!!
Who happens to look just like her daddy...

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