Monday, June 25, 2012

The Children's Museum

A couple weeks ago Becky and Kristin decided that they would take their girls to the Houston Children's Museum.  Fortunately for Sawyer and I, it is a few miles from work so we were able to take a long lunch and meet them there for a play date.

The museum was so cool!  They had a "tot-spot" for infants and toddlers and everything was made of foam.  There were all sorts of things to crawl on and in and over and we didn't have to worry about any one getting hurt.

We were all so impressed with the whole museum.  The girls had so much fun walking, crawling and scooting around!

Cousin Love
Sawyer thinks Julia is HILARIOUS!

Pretty impressed with herself...
Cora's Tea Party

Loves Aunt Becky!
Such a fun day...we can't wait to take them back again!

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