Monday, February 23, 2015

Ty: 10 Months

In celebration of Ty turning 11 months tomorrow (what?!!?), his 10 month update...

My little Ty-Ty is such a sweetheart and such a boy!  He is into everything and seriously keeps us on our toes (see giant bruise/bump on his forehead...although this time Sawyer was trying to pick him up and he "jumped away from her").

And won't sit still long enough for an in focus picture.  This month started out with his first Christmas (Part 1Part 2).

We somehow made it through the Christmas season with out a Christmas tree or fireplace incident.  Not for a lack of trying on Ty's part.

And just as quickly as Christmas came, it was gone, then it was on to bowl season and New Year's Eve.

We spent New Year's Eve at the Rockets game which was so fun!  I loved having my family there with me.

And then we spent the rest of the night with the Pawelek's and Jaworski's and somehow made it until midnight!

New tricks for this month:  Ty shakes his head no - he might hear that word often...and might think its really funny.  He mostly hears it when he is trying to get into the fireplace and when he is trying to stick his hands in the toilet.  He is fascinated with the toilet.  And he claps for himself.

I thought we were done with all the sickness after the previous month, but not so much.  Sawyer and Ty both got the flu.  Fortunately we had pretty mild cases, but no fun none the less.

We tried to spend as much time outside as possible between the sickness and the cold.  He absolutely loves being outside.  We took his first trip to the zoo, played in the leaves and went to the park with cousins.  



 He is such an animal lover, he thought the zoo was so great!  When we aren't outside (and he wasn't trying to get into the bathroom) he can often be found looking out the window.  He loves to watch Lori outside.

He also loves playing with his barn, his animals, Sawyer, and climbing into his barn.

Eating is going great, he continues to be a pretty adventurous eater.  Still without dairy and soy, but we have FINALLY found a formula that he can tolerate so we have started supplementing with that.  Since he is drinking the formula, he is obviously taking a bottle some.  He is very particular about it, will only take it from Barry, it has to be the right temperature (HOT) and there can't be any distractions whatsoever...but I'll take it!  

He has 4 teeth, two top and two bottom and very much prefers to feed himself, but will still let us feed him too.  His favorite foods are grapes, grapes, grapes, strawberries, peas, corn, coconut milk yogurt, ground beef and rice.  He is still in size 4 diapers and is moving up to 12-18 months clothes.  It seems like he is growing up so quickly, but then I pick him up from school and he is snuggled up in the baby swing (which is he is far too large for but he loves it) just napping away - totally peaceful - and he is still my little baby!  For a little bit longer anyways.

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