Friday, June 19, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

I love to go back and read old posts when I am writing new ones.  I just went back to read the Mother's Day post from last year and it seems we have a new tradition around here - horrible illness on Mother's Day.  It started out totally great!  Sawyer's school had a Parent's Day celebration, since school is out over Father's Day.

Ty made himself riiiiight at home.

That night we went to the Skeeter's game, where Ty also made himself quite comfortable.

On Friday, we packed up to head to Yoakum.  We had plans to hang out Friday night and then Sawyer and I were going to "run" in the Dash for Downs on Saturday morning.  Mule riding, dewberry picking/eating, frog catching and fishing - so far so good.



Saturday morning, we woke up early to go to the run and Barry said he wasn't feel great.  And then he didn't come out of the room for the rest of the day because the stomach bug from hell had arrived.  I guess it had already been there because Ty had thrown up once each of the two days prior right after having a bottle.  But, he only did it once each day and that was it, so I didn't really think much of it.  Until Barry got it.  Sawyer and I had a great time at the 5k and kids run nonetheless.

Such the athlete.  She made it halfway around the block before she was over it.  We ended up hanging out in Yoakum the rest of the day until Barry felt like he could move.  

We came home around 10:00 that night so that we could spend some time with my family on Sunday.  Barry ended up staying home Sunday as to not spread the bug, but I took the kids over to my parents and my dad made a seafood FEAST!  Crab, alligator, lobster mac, shrimp, crawfish, fish...I basically rolled myself out of there and home!



It was a beautiful day out and we really enjoyed our (all day) meal sitting out on the patio.  We all felt very appreciated as we basically just sat there and ate all day and didn't lift a finger!  The weekend after Mother's Day, Barry still wanted to do something for me so he planned a beach day for us.  We drove down to the coast and had a great afternoon.

So, here's to being a mom to my sweet little kiddos.  I love them with all my heart, more than I every thought possible.  I appreciate daily being their mom - it is hard, it is fun, it is exhausting, it is the best.  Here's to the dads in my life that support my role as a mom to Sawyer and Ty.  Here's to the moms in my life, friends and family, who inspire me, teach me, pick me up and show me the way.  And, here's to breaking this Mother's Day tradition of sickness...

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