Thursday, June 18, 2015

Ty: 13 Months

Trying to remember back a couple months now...

to the hardest photo session yet.  He won't. sit. still.

I try to distract him with things, and he just won't have it.

At least he's cute.

We started off Ty's 13th month with his first birthday party and Easter a week or so later.

And we were finally able to start spending more time outside.  He loves to be outside!  We went to quite a few softball games to watch Barry & BJ and these two are so into it.

I took a trip to Dallas during this month which was actually good timing because it allowed us to fully wean Ty from nursing.  He wasn't thrilled about the bottle, but he's dealing.  And I am totally thrilled to have made it a whole year.  I never, ever thought that would happen.  He still doesn't at all like to feed himself.  He is obviously totally capable, but if someone else's hand it anywhere near the bottle he acts like his arms don't work.

He wants to do everything Sawyer does, especially coloring.

He doesn't get this from her.  He got some molars this month so EVERYTHING is still going in his mouth.

And he is quite the climber.  I walked out into the living room one morning and he was just standing on the ottoman beaming.  Now he does it at every chance.  Fortunately, he somehow knows how to get down and he is super proud of himself.

He has also mastered getting on his horse and he loves to ride it.

His other favorite thing - emptying my bathroom cabinet.  He just crawls his little self in there and throws everything out one bottle at a time and goes and sits in the very back and giggles.

And, when not doing that, he can be found in Lori's bed smothering her with toys.  She is obviously  super thrilled, but she totally tolerates it and secretly loves the attention I think.

And the best news of all - he sleeps!!!  He usually goes down about 8:30 and will sleep until about 5:30 or 6.  We give him a bottle then and he will usually go back down for at least another hour.  I knew it would happen eventually......  The second best news, he says mama!  He also points at everything and either yell/screeches or says "dat, dat, dat" which I guess means "that."

He is a good eater, although he can sometimes be picky with meat and would prefer to just eat all fruit all day.  We got the results from his allergy testing (which was a horrible experience that took far too many sticks and two separate trips) and it was negative for soy and mild for dairy.  So, good news.  We have given him a couple things with soy - graham crackers, puffs, etc and he has been fine so I am hopeful about the dairy.  Other than that life is good with this goofy little 22 pound entertainer!

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