Monday, June 29, 2015

Ty: 14 Months

This little boy!

He brings so much joy to our family with his silly little personality.

I don't know that Lori can say the same because Ty can most often be found in her bed with her.

In Ty's 14th month, we took advantage of the nicer weather.  Going to the zoo was one of the highlights.

His favorite parts were the picnic lunch and the elephant named Ty (probably Thai), but Ty nonetheless.

We also had some pool time.  He is alllll about the pool and thinks that he can just walk right into it whenever he pleases.  So...I tried the puddle jumper which he was not ok with at all.

He also isn't a huge fan of wearing a hat.  But, he will wear it backwards and his little head covered in whispy, white blonde hair needs all the coverage it can get, so, backwards (or sideways) it is.  He was, however, a huge fan of popsicles on that patio!

He is also Sawyer's number one fan.  He wakes up every morning around 6:30 (she is a like a teenager in a three year old body and prefers to sleep much later) so he is always the first one up.  As soon as he hears her door open, he lets out a shriek and gets so excited!  It takes her a few minutes, but then she is just as happy to see her "Bud-Bud".

Ty has also started throwing fits if he doesn't get his way, or if I take something from him, or if I walk out of the room, or just because sometimes.  Often times about food.  This was the first month his food allergies became an issue - when we are with friends, he sometimes can't have what the other kids are having and he gets really mad about it!  Its pretty sad.  But, there are plenty of other things he can eat and he really isn't a picky eater, so its probably more about me taking something from him than the actual food.

He continues to be quite the dare-devil and has no fear (see pic and pool above...).  He climbs on or into anything and everything.

Aside from climbing, eating, making messes, wandering around aimlessly, pointing and yelling at everyone and being super bossy, giggling, smiling at me with those huge dimples and following Sawyer around, his most favorite thing is BOOKS.  He is always bringing me books and yelling at me to read them to him.  If I am sitting on the floor, he backs his little self right up to me and plops into my lap with a book.

He also discovered the kids snack section at HEB this month.  Sawyer loves to take her quarters in every time and is more than thrilled to "buy" an apple for her brother now too.  I am also pretty thrilled about it because it keeps him busy (and still) for quite a while!

I think he weighs about 23 pounds, he is wearing size 4 or 5 diapers, size 5 shoes and 12-18 month clothes.  And, he has these cheeks that I never want to forget.

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