Sunday, June 5, 2011

13 Weeks

What a weekend!!  Shopping with the hubby Friday night, sleeping in and pool time Saturday morning, spending the day in College Station with Cora...and her parents...Saturday, church and lunch Sunday morning, followed by a SUPER productive Sunday afternoon and a Mavs WIN!  Sounds great, right?!?! 

Well, it was a good plan.  The weekend started off great, we did go shopping Friday evening, I did sleep in Saturday morning and go to the pool.  And then things changed.  Barry called me around 10:30 Saturday morning while I was relaxing at the pool to tell me that he thought the air conditioner was broken.  Awesome.  He was on his way out of town for a Bachelor party.  So, I called the home warranty people and they said they would have someone out that day.  So much for spending the day in College Station!  They didn't show up until 4:00, at which time my house was 90 degrees!!!!, and told me they wouldn't be able to fix it until Monday.  Great.  So I packed a bag in .5 seconds and was on my way to College Station afterall.  No way I was sleeping in that!

Luckily Becky and Michael live close and I was able to take advantage of their fully functioning air conditioner!  We had a nice relaxing night Saturday and a fun Sunday!  We went to church, did some shopping, ate at my fave restaurant in College Station and looked at a bunch of houses...which I love doing!  Cora, on the other hand...

BORED! But, how fab are those glasses?!?
She was super good through all the house hunting and I had lots of fun getting to hang out with her for a whole day!

Barry got home this afternoon and rigged up a window unit air conditioner in our bedroom.  So, eventhough we are confined to our room, it actually feels pretty good in here!  And, I was able to get some much needed closet cleaning done since there is nothing else to do!  I think Lori is more annoyed than anyone about this because she is stuck in here with us!  Its nasty muddy outside and she is notorious for completely ignorning any rain/mud and laying in the middle of the yard like its a beautiful sunny day.  So she is grounded from the outside for now.

And, since I have nothing to do and I am avoiding further room cleaning I have lots to say on the 'ole blog!

Here are my pics from last Friday, 13 weeks 1 day.  I think I am starting to get over the extreme exhaustion...I am on day 3 with no nap! =) And, I have even been hungry the last couple days, which is a great feeling!  The baby is growing to the size of a lemon this week...which I sort of feel like is a step backwards from a peach, but whatever my app says must be right!  It also says the baby is moving around constantly at this point...I can't wait until I can feel it!

heckuva hair day

This is the last pair of jeans that I can actually button with no Belly Band.  It doesn't really look like there is much of a bump there, but there definitely something!  I plan to wear those jeans every day until I can't button them anymore!

I'm still holding out for a Mavs win to complete my weekend plan! =)

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