Sunday, June 26, 2011

16 Weeks...and a shower!

This weekend was another eventful one for us...on the road again.  Yes, that's like 7 weeks in a row if you have been paying attention...I have lost count!  But, it has all been fun stuff and we are blessed to have so many friends and family so we can't complain!

This weekend started off Friday evening at my parents house.  Since we weren't able to see my Dad last weekend for Father's Day, we had a family dinner at their house.  It was really nice just to be able to hang out at the house with no where to be but there the whole night!  I took my 16 week pictures when we got there...4 months already, I can't believe it!  I think it would be an understatement to say that my belly popped out a little bit this week!  I am for sure starting to show, although I still don't feel like it is as much as it looks like in the pictures...but they don't lie!  Maybe it was how I was standing?!?

Speaking of growing a huge is Cora getting?!?
there it is!
The baby is growing to the size of a turnip this week, which apparently is about 5 inches!  I am feeling great, and even had the energy to run a couple times last week.  Nothing crazy, just some intervals...but running nonetheless!  I have starting to have some "growing pains" in my stomach the last few days, but nothing a little relaxing on the couch won't cure =)

Saturday morning we woke up and headed down to San Antonio to Adam and Melissa's house to get ready for the picnic themed wedding shower we were hosting for Eric and Brittney that evening.  Somehow it was the easiest shower ever!  After a little preparation in the kitchen, we spent a few hours in Abigail's playroom hanging out with the babies...great afternoon!  And, a wonderful shower...we had tons of food and great company!

Melissa & cute is her picnic outfit??
The cooks...this might have been why the shower prep was so easy!  They did a great job!  And, of course Lori in everyone's business!!
The future Mr & Mrs Udell
Time to eat!  Thanks for hosting at your house!

We didn't mean to match...or maybe we did?!?

The dessert spread...DELISH!
We spent this morning at my Wita's (my grandma) house for a brunch.  She just got back from 6 weeks in England so it was great to spend some time with her...and eat her cooking!  Cora and Barry got to spend some quality time together as well...
I think he looks good with a baby girl! Just saying... =)
Yes, she was chewing on his finger.  He must have had some leftover breakfast on there!  We got back to Houston around 5 this evening and spent some time running errands to pick up a few things for our 4th of July beach trip next weekend!  We have beach trips planned the next two weekend...then finally a weekend at home...but we get to spend 3 weekends in a row with my 2 favorite little girls which we are both looking forward to.

Off to spend some more time on the couch before the busy week ahead!

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