Sunday, June 12, 2011

14 Weeks

First trimester DONE!  It's a GREAT feeling!  Unfortunately, I did not wake up Friday morning feeling like a whole new person, but I am definitely not as tired as I was a few weeks back, and I even bought vegetables when I went to the grocery store today...which unfortunatly hasn't happened in a long time.  I couldn't quite bring myself to buy the broccoli, but I will eat it again someday! 

This weekend was quite a fun one!  Barry and I drove up to Inks Lake to spend the weekend with his family at a lake house they rented on the water...the view was awesome.   Here are my 14 week pictures we took right when we got there...

They tried to get me to take pictures in my swim suit so you could actually see some progress...but lucky for you all that's not happening!  I assured them there would be plenty of progress to be seen in the near future!

We spent the weekend relaxing, fishing, jet skiing and just hanging was great!  Here are a few pics I snapped...

Some early morning fishing
We caught thiiiiiiiis many nothing =(
Don't let that sweet face fool you...he's a crazy driver!  He did give me a slow tour around the lake because Baby B didn't feel like flying off the back of a jet ski and going for a swim that day!
The whole gang!
We go back to the doctor Tuesday so I will update then!  Lots of other exciting stuff planned for the week for me to blog about...I may even make an appearance in my kitchen! 

Off the enjoy the rest of my Sunday with an awesome Aggie baseball comeback (they were down 8-0 and now its 8-6...3rd inning...its happening!) and a Mavs WIN!

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  1. Love it!!! You MIGHT have gained 1 pound ;) See y'all THIS weekend!!! SO excited!


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