Sunday, June 19, 2011

15 Weeks

Happy Father's Day!  This is the first year that we have celebrated Father's Day in our little family...obviously...and its been a great weekend!  I didn't get to see my Dad this year, but we have a belated Father's Day celebration planned for next weekend! 

This weekend we went to Yoakum for Riley (Barry's cousin) & Kayla's wedding.  When I turned my camera on at the church the little red battery light came on so I only got a few pictures...maybe that was a sign I shouldn't have been taking pictures in the church??  But, the wedding and reception were beautiful.  We had a great time visiting with people that we hadn't seen in a really long time!  We took my 15 week pictures Friday night on our way to rehearsal dinner...

Excuse the "lazy eye" look on my was super windy!

I am definitely starting to show, although you can't really tell in these pictures.  The baby has moved up in the fruit world from a navel orange to an avocado, which I feel like its backwards again...but what do I know?!?  I finally feel like I have a normal appetite and can eat most foods.  And, the constant tired feeling has worn off some too...which is great!

I spent the day Saturday hanging around the house and being lazy at the pool...I was having a nice relaxing afternoon until these two decided they needed to join me!

I want to enter Lori into one of those dog jumping contests.  Every time Barry would put her out of the pool she would run around and practically jump on his head to get back in...she couldn't get enough.  Eventhough they splashed me like crazy and made waves in the pool, it was worth the laughs and entertainment!

Then it was off to the wedding...

Riley and Kayla Boening...isn't her dress beautiful?!?!
Be prepared to see many more of these wedding shots throughout the summer...we are just beginning!
Kasey, Kayla & Me...3 Mrs. Boenings!
And then my camera died...

My favorite, well maybe not favorite, but major highlight of the reception was the wedding favor.  They put together a cookbook full of recipes from family and cool!  I am a huge cookbook lover and I can't wait to try some of these recipes =)

Off to enjoy the rest of our Sunday with some friends, take out and Aggie Baseball!

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