Sunday, October 9, 2011

31 Weeks & Baby Shower #2

The countdown is now in single digits!! As of last Thursday...we have 9 weeks left to go!  Barry and I spent the weekend in Yoakum this weekend.  We had originally planned to just go in for Sunday for a baby shower that was being thrown for us, but when we looked at our calendars, we are running out of weekends to go visit his family.  So, we decided to spend the whole weekend there - and it was great!  I'm pretty sure I gained about 10 pounds from eating so much and doing so little!  Here I am at 31 weeks 1 day.

Sawyer is the size of an 18 inch head of lettuce (does that even exist?!?) for the second week in a row.  It feels like she is running out of room in my belly - I don't feel her kicking as much, more so just moving - if that makes any sense.  I don't think she has room for much kicking anymore.  I am starting to get pretty uncomfortable, especially sleeping - but that's pretty much my only complaint so I consider myself blessed! Well, that and I get out of breath doing anything - stairs, talking, walking...everything.

After a very lazy Saturday watching football ALL day, we had a very exciting Sunday!  Barry's two sisters, Tammy & Cara, and two of our good friends, Kristi & Kirstyn, hosted a shower for us at Barry's parents house.

I cannot get over the generosity of everyone.  So many people came and we got so many wonderful and thoughtful gifts.  I wish I could take picture of every single thing - a necklace with Sawyer's birth stone, super cute clothes, a carseat, jogging stroller, nursery decor, bath stuff, a monitor, just to name a few.  After showing everything to Barry tonight, he thinks we need a new house!

A few more pics from the shower...

Barry's mom made this SUPER cute & delicious cake
Wita, Mom, Cindy & Me
Barry's cousin Liz won the "guess my belly size" game - she is due the day after me with a little boy!
Born To Be An Aggie Christmas ornament
With Sawyer's Grandmas
2 of her Great Grandmas
Sawyer's Aunt Cara & Aunt Tammy
All the Yoakum girls
Super cute diaper wreath Kirstyn and Kristi made!
Such a fun afternoon!  Barry spent the afternoon hanging out with these two monkeys...

Unfortunately, this was the only picture I got of them...they move too much!  

We go back to the doctor on Thursday this week.  And, I have actually made some progress in the nursery this week so I will post an update later this week.  With a recipe thrown in sometime too...hopefully!

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