Sunday, October 23, 2011

33 Weeks & Shower #3

We are getting closer & closer...and I am getting bigger and bigger!  Thankfully I am still feeling really good, just get pretty tired at night after carrying around this little girl all day, but I still feel really blessed to have had a fairly easy pregnancy thus far.

Barry was out of town Friday so we had to take my pictures Saturday when I got home from my friend Kristina's baby shower.  33 Weeks & 2 days:

It's been a while since Lori made an appearance, but she wasn't about to miss out on anything this week!

After the shower Saturday afternoon, Barry and I headed downtown to go the the U of H football game...7-0!!  It's been pretty exciting around work lately.  We only stayed for half the game though because we had dinner plans with this little one...

Cora very much enjoyed her sweet potatoes & pureed chicken...the rest of us ate some steaks Barry cooked on the grill.  The Paweleks came down Saturday night so Becky and Cora could attend the baby shower that some of my Houston friends were hosting for us on Sunday.

When I first moved to Houston, I wasn't sure that I was ever going to make friends (ok, so maybe it was a dramatic thought, but its hard in a new city!).  But, we have made some great friends over the past year and a half that I am very thankful for!

Sawyer (and Barry & I, for that matter) has been so spoiled by everyone's generosity.  She is going to be one stylish little girl!

The shower today was hosted by my friends Laura Lynn and Emily and everything was so wonderful!!

Thank you friends!!

We are headed back to the doctor on Thursday so I will update then...hopefully with a final nursery update too, still have a few things to hang...I can't seem to make a decision about where to put things so I am procrastinating!

Off to wash all of Sawyers new things and watch the Rangers win (hopefully!).

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