Sunday, October 30, 2011

34 Weeks

I didn't really know what to call this post because so much went on this weekend!  Finally a weekend that didn't fly by way too was so nice!

I went to Dripping Springs on Friday afternoon to go watch Brie's pep rally and be there for Senior Night at the football game.

I will miss watching her cheer, but I will not miss watching her be a makes me soooo nervous!!

Since they made the playoffs they still have more to play, but after next weekend we won't be traveling this was my last chance!!  Becky took my pictures for me right before we left to go the game...

Sawyer is now apparently the size of a 19 inch cantaloupe - last week she was a pineapple (which actually made sense) - but now we are back the weird produce again!  In other pregnancy news, now that it has cooled off I have worn my boots a couple of times and I cannot take them off by myself anymore!  However, if I can't take my own boots off, I certainly can't paint my own toe nails so I HAVE to get pedicures...often...major perk!!  I also can't seem to wear my contacts either - they say your eyes change when you are pregnant and it has finally happened to me...hopefully they will change back soon and I won't have to spend the next 4-5 weeks wearing my glasses because I am totally over it!

I seriously can't believe Brie is a senior...makes me feel REALLY old!!

All the Seniors

I came back home on Saturday.  Barry spent the day fixing the fence and Lori's house and I worked around the house.  We went out for dinner at a new restaurant by our house with intentions of going to a movie after, but went and walked around the mall and ordered a movie at home instead.

Today was Barry's birthday!!  We celebrated with chocolate cake for breakfast, church, Mexican food for lunch, left overs for dinner and a whole lot of this in between...

We did manage to barely get in the Halloween spirit and carve a pumpkin!

We were going to carve Sawyer's initials into it, but decided that a "B" was a little bit too ambitious for our pumpkin carving we went with the lopsided "S" instead!  I roasted the seeds for delicious snack!  Pumpkin seeds, spray butter, salt, garlic salt - roasted for 25 minutes at 350 degrees...YUM!

Happy Halloween and Happy Birthday to my super fabulous husband!!

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