Friday, October 28, 2011

Doctor's Appointment #11

Who knew I could ever be so excited about going to the doctor??  We had another appointment yesterday, nothing new to report though.  Just a normal check of weight, blood pressure and Sawyer's heart beat - 150 this time.  I am up about 17-18 pounds...depending on which scale I use...and blood pressure is still in check, so all is well.  We go back in two weeks, then every week after that.

Our doctor said that although they would like her to wait a few more weeks, we shouldn't be concerned if she were to come now - there wouldn't be any major risk at this point.  How crazy that we could have a baby any time now?!?  Let's hope she waits a little longer just to be sure...and so I can finish her room! =)

We have 2 more weekends of traveling, then I will get all the finishing touches done...and get our bags packed and ready to go!

I am headed to Austin for the night to be there for Brie's Senior Night at the high school football game...I remember everything about the day she was born and can't believe she is graduating this year!  Hopefully the day Sawyer is born won't be quite as eventful as Brie's birthday...which happened on the day of a huge earthquake in California - where we lived at the time.  Then I'm coming back home Saturday to celebrate Barry's birthday with him...he will probably be mad that I am putting that on here...but I think it's important!

Have a good weekend!

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