Wednesday, November 30, 2011

28 Years & 15 Doctor's Appointments Later

Today was my 28th birthday.  Not that I am trying to announce that to the world, but parts of this day won't make sense without knowing that!  My birthday unexpectedly started at 2:30 last night when I was abruptly awaken by the worst pain I can remember being in - cramping and contractions, shivering and sweating.  Barry was totally ready to take me to the hospital but I couldn't bear the thought of moving...let along getting out of bed.  After two hours of this - the intensity decreased as the time went on - I finally decided I needed to get up and eat some Cheerios.  Not sure where that came from, but I was starving!  

When I got to the kitchen, this is what I found...

A chocolate cake with chocolate icing and FAVORITE!!  Barry had stayed up late after I went to bed last night and baked me this for my birthday.  He also wrote me the nicest note - I cried - and bought me Sawyer some December birthstone earrings that I will keep safe for her...on my ears...until she gets her ears pierced.  

So I ate my bowl of Cheerios (I ate the cake for breakfast #2) and finally was able to go back to sleep for an hour or so before enjoying my cake and heading to work.  

Since we had a doctor's appointment today I only worked part of the day.  I came home for a quick lunch, ran by the nail place for a quick manicure (if you haven't tried the Shellack (sp?) you need to!), then it was off to the doctor.

We had talked last week about possible inducing on December 1st, but decided that we would wait until our appointment this week to make that decision.  I was really hoping to not have to make the decision at all, but that was not the case.  We were faced with the decision to induce or not to induce.  When the doctor walked out of the room, I was totally emotional and indecisive (which is my MO these days).  After a few minutes of crying and "I don't know what I want's" we decided to go ahead and do it.  We are ready to meet our baby girl.

We left the doctor and I went and wandered the mall in a total fog for an hour or so while Barry went to finish up some things at work until it was time to go for our dinner reservation.  We enjoyed a nice dinner...just the two of us.

So we are heading to the hospital at midnight tonight.  I am totally overwhelmed with emotions - very excited, scared out of my mind, nervous and already exhausted.  I am thinking I will remain in this state for the next couple of days, or weeks more likely, but I am 100% certain that I have the best person by my side to go through this with.  

I have enjoyed my time being pregnant - some days more than others.  But, feel very thankful to have had a fairly easy pregnancy with no complications - praying delivery will go the same way!  

I am planning to update hopefully sometime this weekend - mostly for my own selfish benefit.  I want to write down all the details and remember every little thing about the next couple of days.  

Off to enjoy one more piece of cake...

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