Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Doctor's Appointment #14

This might be our last one!  We had an appointment this afternoon and we are making some progress toward labor =)  So, it was a good one.  I think Sawyer was sleeping because her heart beat was only 131.  But, my blood pressure was low and I didn't gain any weight since last week.

I am 1.5 centimeters dilated (is that TMI to put on the internet?!?) which means that we now have the option to induce next week if we choose to.  Our doctor asked if we wanted to have a baby next Thursday and it totally freaked me out!!

We decided to wait to decide until after our appointment next Wednesday to make any decisions.  If I am dilated any more, we may go ahead and induce.  But, if nothing changes we will just keep on waiting!  I don't want to induce if there is no further progress because there is no need to put myself through a longer labor if I don't have to.  But, I do want to induce so all of our families can be here when Sawyer is born since they are all at least 2 hours away.  So, we will see!  We have a week or so to think about it - unless something happens before then!

Luckily our doctor is on call this weekend.  When we were leaving he told us he would see us next week unless we meet him at the hospital before then!  It could happen any time now - I got a manicure and pedicure yesterday and got my hair cut today so I am ready when she is! =)

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