Thursday, November 10, 2011

Doctor's Appointment #12

We went back to the doctor this morning for our 36 week appointment.  Cannot believe we are at 36 weeks!!  I gained 2 more pounds - about 20 total now - blood pressure was good and Sawyer's heart beat was 139.  That was the slowest we have ever heard it, but they said it was still good!  Our doctor guessed, based on feeling my stomach, that she is about 6.5-7 pounds which is on the smaller size of average - and I am TOTALLY okay with that!!  For my own selfish delivery reasons...

They gave us a history of all of the measurements/info from our prenatal appointments to take to the hospital with us.  We are on the lookout for contractions that are 5 minutes apart before we head that way.  My contractions are definitely coming more frequently and much more intense, but are no where near 5 minutes apart.

We start going every week now, and will hopefully have an ultrasound next week!  36 week update coming soon...which will hopefully include the final pictures of her nursery.  My mom is coming this weekend to help me get everything organized and ready!

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