Sunday, November 6, 2011

35 Weeks & Baby Shower #4 (Yes, 4!)

The countdown is down to one hand!  We are definitely ready for Sawyer to join us, but its very surreal that it could happen at any time now.

She is still the size of a super large cantaloupe, but I feel like she is quickly out growing her space...especially when she kicks me in the ribs or elbows me in the bladder!  But, as long as she is growing I can't complain!  I am going to complain about my swollen hands and feet finally happened. =(  So, my wedding ring is now hanging out in the safe for the next month or so.  On the bright side, my eyes are back to cooperating and I don't have to wear my glasses anymore, which is GREAT!

Barry and I took our last trip out of town this weekend - we went to Dripping Springs Friday after work to stay the weekend at my parents' house and for a shower that my family was hosting for us Saturday evening.  Here are my 35 week pictures after a 4 hour car ride that should have been 2.5 hours...I definitely look the part of an 8 month pregnant woman who just sat in the car for 4 hours!!

Not cute.  Barry and my Dad headed out for the deer lease as soon as we got there since it was opening weekend of deer season.  They came back in time for the shower, but went back as soon as it was over!  My mom, grandma and I spent the day shopping in Wimberley on Saturday while my sisters, cousins and aunt got ready for our book themed shower.

The invitation requested that all the guests bring their favorite child hood book - we got so many great books to read to our little girl!  My mom saved all of our books from when we were little so they were the decorations - it was so fun going through all the books we used to love - and even more fun when some of them ended up being presents for Sawyer!

The shower was awesome...I still can't get over the fact that we have had 4 amazing showers!  It was a couples' shower with great food, family and college football!  I somehow forgot to take a picture with all the hosts, but here are a few pics from the evening...

Everyone wrote a note to Sawyer on these book tags and put it in their book - so cute! 
Cupcakes by Brittney & Cake Balls by Brie
Barry & me in front of the Sawyer banner that Becky made
Abigail & me

Barry & Brody
My grandma still had this book from when I was little - it was one of my favorites!
And, now we are home washing Sawyer's new wardrobe!  We go back to the doctor on Thursday, then every week after that so I will update soon.  Off to put my fat feet up........

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