Monday, October 15, 2012

10 Months

I'm not the only one who can't believe it!

It's like all of a sudden she isn't a baby anymore.

She has such a personality - always giggling, often at herself, dancing and getting into everything.  But, mostly dancing.

She loves to wave, anytime she hears the word "hi" or "bye", her little wrist starts flapping.  As soon as I walk in her classroom at the end of the day, she gets s huge smile on her face and immediately start waving to everyone - it melts my heart!

September was a busy month for Sawyer.  We spent Labor Day hanging out as a family and took Sawyer to our neighborhood pool for the first time.  They have a wading area for little kids and she loved the fountains!

She is also loving having BJ and Kasey back because she gets to swim in their pool and play with their dog - who she thinks is just fantastic.  She is a little bit more tolerant of Sawyer than Lori.

But, Lori is getting better.  She will even go near Sawyer now on her own free will.  No food involved.

Just near her.  That's all.  That picture was taken at Becky & Michael's house.  We spent a weekend in College Station with my family...

And Sawyer experienced her first tailgate party!

And got to check on Aunt Pee Pee.

After the game, Cora came back to Houston with us to spend the day.  The girls had so much fun playing together - for 10 minutes.  Which was about all the time they spent awake at the same time before Michael came to get Cora.  I so enjoy watching them really start to interact with each other.

Sawyer also spent some time with her other baby friends.

And Abigail...She was so sweet to Sawyer!

Sawyer LOVES stuffed animals.  She sleeps with her lamb, Chops, every night.  She gets so excited every time she sees him.  She gets a huge smile on her face and gives him a giant hug.  She hugs and kisses all of her animals - but none like Chops.

She is still a wonderful eater - she tried a lot of new foods this month.  Chicken, roast, potatoes, pasta, yogurt, eggs, cheese and Cheerios.  Her favorites right now are probably peas and cheese.  She really likes to feed herself and those are easy ones for her.

She loves Cheerios.  And random protein bars she pulls out of boxes in my office.  She had a half day at school one day, so I brought her to my office.  I was doing some work on my computer while she had a snack and I looked down to this...

So serious.  She has started saying mama and dada - mostly dada - and mmmmm.  Almost every time food goes into her mouth it is followed by mmmmm.  She still just has her bottom two teeth - but she is pretty efficient with them making sure to thoroughly chew each Cheerio.

Sawyer is sleeping wonderfully.  She sleeps the whole way to school and the whole way home, with a long nap in the afternoon at school.  She wants nothing to do with being held when she is tired.  But, I guess Mimi has the special touch...I think this is just so sweet.  I took this on our stop in Dallas on the way to Arkansas.

I love writing these monthly updates because I go back and look at older pictures every time and I just can't get over this.

She is so big!!  She is now in 6-9 month clothes and still size 3 diapers.  I am trying to get her a little more used to wearing shoes.  She isn't interested.  Nor is she interested in having anything in her hair.  I can sneak the pony tail every once in a while without her knowing.

And finally, she is still obsessed with dancing.  And my keys.  This is her watching So You Think You Can Dance while eating my keys.  Does it get any better?  She was in a total trance.

And this is her dancing.  No music, just excited about her pineapple.  She is also trying to say dance - I think?

It is so funny every time.  No matter how many times she does it...which is usually all day.  Her teachers at school asked me if I do a lot of dancing at home - its that ridiculous.  I don't know where she gets it.  She loves to watch Veggie Tales too.  Just the first minute though - the song, of course.

She brings to much joy and happiness to Barry and I - we are so thankful God chose us to be her parents!  We are also thankful for those little hip swings and shoulder shimmies and all the laughs they bring to us!

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