Friday, October 26, 2012

Baby Dedication & Pumpkin Patch

A couple weekends ago Barry and I had Sawyer dedicated at our church.  Basically, we were standing up in front of our church making a commitment to raise Sawyer in a Christian home.  I am very thankful to have found a church that we are both happy with.  We definitely struggled to find a church home the first couple years that we were married.  We grew up with different backgrounds so it was important to us that we find a place where we both felt comfortable.  We wanted a place where we could grow our faith and an environment we felt would be good for the family that we would eventually have.  We finally found it.  Prior to the service they had a small ceremony and blessing for the babies being dedicated.  Our friends Nick & Kristina were also having Caroline dedicated so it was fun to do it together!  It was a very humbling feeling knowing that all of our family came into town just to pray for Sawyer and support our family.

For some reason, it did not occur to me to take any family photos, so thats all I've got!

That morning, we thought we would take the girls to the pumpkin patch to get some pictures.  They weren't super into it.  Sawyer was really unsure what was going on at first.

But she eventually warmed up.  A little.

We tried very unsuccessfully to get a picture of both girls, but this was the best we could do.

Maybe next year.  Both girls were much more interested in exploring than posing for pictures.

Cora even gave the bouncy house a try.  She didn't love it.

But all in all, we had fun and got a few good pictures!  Some of my favorites...

And my most favorite!

She is too sweet for words.

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