Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Coast Trip 2015

We had an extra passenger on our road trip down to the beach.  They were so excited to ride together and had big plans for their "iPads" for the trip!

And within thirty minutes...

But the long naps made for happy road trippers.

This year's beach trip was much different than years past...there wasn't much relaxing on the beach so much as chasing kids left and right!

A pretty cute bunch of kids!  These big girls just had the best time with each other - so fun watching them play!

And I see lots of trouble making in the future of these two!

We had such a fun weekend building castles, digging holes and catching up with the family!  Too much eating, not enough sleep and tons of memories.

Saturday morning Tia Sylvia threw the cutest tea party for all the girls (and Ty) and they are still talking about it!

Then it was back to the beach for more digging and building and getting as much sand on every part of our bodies as possible.

We had the best weekend with our beach babes!

And just like that we were headed home, listening to my dad sing songs in Spanish to us....

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